Advanced Technology to Drive Recoveries

Recover suite 2The iAutomate: Recovery CaseManager Suite is comprehensive suite of software modules that enables healthplans and commercial recovery firms to capture recovery dollars and optimize cost containment. This powerful solution is used by firms and Plans that cover more than 40 million lives, and they report dramatic results: iAutomate: Recovery CaseManager doubles recoveries while substantially lowering total cost of ownership. These solutions are built on one platform to manage the entire cost containment process, from identification through recovery:


iAutomate: OPL CaseManager

Identify, capture, and process more OPL and third-party claims with fewer people in less time

OPL casemanageriAutomate: OPL CaseManager automates the time-consuming manual processes surrounding claims subrogation, coordination of benefits, and workers’ compensation, including capturing data and prioritizing follow-up for Other Party/Third-Party Liability claims.

Boost recoveries and slash the cost of processing claims:
• Discover more OPL recovery opportunities
• Prioritize high-dollar-value recoveries
• Seamlessly share data from multiple claim processing systems
• Automate claims correspondence
• Completely track and report on all cases and recoveries
• Streamline and organize case information into one screen for easy processing
• Control inventory, monitor analyst performance, and track recoveries via robust reporting options


iAutomate: Overpayment CaseManager

Automate the audit, recoupment, and recovery process

iAutomate-Overpayment casemanageriAutomate: Overpayment CaseManager automates the dollar recovery case management workflow for the entire audit, recoupment, and recovery process.

Easily manage volumes of data from multiple claims processing packages by collecting all data into one, centralized database. Automate your entire dollar recovery case management workflow.
• Eliminate manual data gathering
• Track exact dollars of claims recovered
• Automatically calculate savings
• Seamlessly share data from multiple claim processing systems
• Automate claims correspondence
• Completely manage the overpayment workflow


iAutomate: Claims Data Manager

Automate the process of loading and validating massive volumes of claim data and streamline the claims management workflow.

claims datamanageriAutomate: Claims DataManager is driven by powerful tools and algorithms to mine claim data used to discover Other Party liabilities, overpayments, coordination of benefits, subrogation, and workers’ compensation claims. It is the first step in the process of streamlined claims management, review, and discovery.

Use iAutomate: Claims DataManager to:
• Speed data review with large-scale data mining tools
• Discover more suspect and subrogatable claims
• Consolidate all claims history in one central database
• Integrate seamlessly with the entire iAutomate: Recovery CaseManager Suite to streamline case management