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iAutomate: Recovery to Sponsor NOPLG 2019

Insurance Automation Group will sponsor the National Other Party Liability (NOPLG) conference, scheduled for March 31-April 3, Savannah, GA. The NOPLG annual educational seminars are open to BCBS employees, BCBS subsidiary employees and BCBS OPL contractors. NOPLG brings together participants for workshops, networking, and discussion of issues involving Coordination of Benefits, Subrogation, Workers’ Compensation, Medicare […]

Insurance Automation Group Parent Company Named Best Place to Work in Maine

Great work environment, job flexibility, and training among the benefits offered by insurance software and IT services firm

WESTBROOK, ME – August 24, 2016 – Workgroup Technology Partners announces that it has been named as one of the 2016 Best Places to Work in Maine by Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) – Maine […]

Setting Up an Internal Subrogation Unit – Maximizing Financial Returns

Internal subrogation units can generate significantly more recovery dollars than those earned by using an external firm; the keys to a well-run unit include finding the right case management technology. This white paper explains the revenue differential between internal and external units, and walks readers through the process of setting up a successful internally managed subrogation practice.

Building an Internal Subrogation Team

Reprinted from NASP’s Subrogator Magazine

Companies have struggled with the build-vs.-outsource argument, with both sides supported at times by shifts in market theory. Managing a subrogation practice is not immune from this dilemma, with some health plans deciding that outsourcing to a commercial recovery firm is the best fit for their business, and others deciding that […]

The Seven Benefits of Technology Upgrades for Subrogation

Reprinted from NASP’s Subrogator Magazine

Insurance Automation Group’s Jeff Bucci explains the seven benefits that subrogation organizations can achieve with technology upgrades. Ranging from ROI, to streamlining processes, to creating new revenue streams, the article walks readers through each step.

Blue Cross Blue Shield TN: Decision to Upgrade

Reprinted from NASP Subrogator Magazine

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee details the steps it took when it decided to upgrade its technology system to iAuaomte: OPL CaseManager. Prompted by executive leadership, goals were to reduce administrative costs and boost efficiencies.

Embracing Automation to Tackle Challenges in Healthcare Subrogation

Reprinted from NASP Subrogator Magazine

Healthcare subrogation is a challenging subject for health plans. Every plan is eager to trim costs and recover dollars. This story outlines how plans can gain ROI when choosing the right tools and technology to aid their subrogation departments’ efforts.

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Insurance Automation Group Previews New Features of iAutomate: Recovery CaseManager Solution for Health Claims Recovery at National Other Party Liability Group Conference

New dashboard and mobile features improve the recovery of subrogatable health claims for health plans, commercial recovery firms, and self-insured providers

WESTBROOK, ME – April 9, 2014 – Insurance Automation Group previews new features of its iAutomate: Recovery CaseManager health cost containment solution at this week’s National Other Party Liability Group (NOPLG) conference. The new […]

Insurance Automation Group Releases New Version of iAutomate: Recovery CaseManager Suite for Health Plans and Commercial Recovery Firms

New version is ICD-10 compliant, improves workflow, and enhances claims data management for health cost containment

WESTBROOK, ME – November 8, 2012 – Insurance Automation Group announces a new version of its iAutomate: Recovery CaseManager Suite, a comprehensive suite of software modules that manages the entire cost-containment process, from identification through recovery, for health plans […]