Generate more recovery dollars and keep 100% of your recovery claims. iAutomate: Recovery Suite case management technology enables health plans to manage their own recovery process, from discovering and prioritizing subrogatable claims to recoupment and recovery. Learn More
Increase efficiency and profitability while delivering exceptional customer value. iAutomate: Recovery Suite case management technology enables commercial recovery firms to find more subrogatable claims, speed the recoupment and recovery process, and segment customer data.Learn More

Advanced Technology to Drive Corporate Recoveries

Health plans and commercial recovery firms use iAutomate: Recovery CaseManager to capture all recovery dollars and drive the entire recovery process. This proven solution has captured billions of recovery dollars by automating the process of identifying, tracking, and collecting on erroneously paid claims. iAutomate: Recovery CaseManager is available as a cloud-based service or customer-premise software solution with a suite of modules to automate your subrogation and other-party liability processes.




One Plan used iAutomate: Claims DataManager to review four months of data and found more than 310,000 potential subrogatable claims its manual processes had missed. By automating its OPL processes, it was able to discover a significantly higher number of opportunities with just a click of a button.
Health Plan
“After we implemented iAutomate: OPL CaseManager, we could review cases and make notes without pulling paper files. It allowed us to work as efficiently as possible to handle all of the cases in our inventory. If it hadn’t been for iAutomate: OPL CaseManager, I would have had to consider hiring more analysts.”
Health Plan Manager